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Camless Electronic Valve Internal Combustion Engines
  • 4 Stroke I.C. Engines with Solenoid Operated Valves.
  • Mechanically very simple - no gears, camshafts, cams or push rods.
  • Greatly reduced mechanical losses. Fewer moving parts
  • Micro computer control gives dynamic variable valve and spark timing
  • Very easy starting by holding the exhaust valve(s) open when cranking.
  • 7th generation electronics use a low cost PIC micro computers
  • "Electronic Throttle" to control speed and power and reduce pumping losses.
  • Cycle skipping and hit and miss operations to save fuel.


New, January 2011. Updated, December 2011.

The more efficient and more powerful
- 18cc Mk4A engine -
featuring linear Hall effect
- Valve Position Sensors -
for much more precise
valve control at high speeds
with the Mk7A electronics.

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The original EVIC -111 Mk1 ------The EVIC -111 Mk2 -------- The EVIC -211 Twin


March 2005, The EVIC Twin
appears on the front cover
of Home Shop Machinist

March 2004
The McQueen EVIC - 111

The McQueen EVIC - 111 Mk2

Plans for the EVIC -111 Mk1 engine were published in Strictly I.C. magazine beginning with Vol. 14 N0. 82
August/September, 2001 and ending with Vol. 14 No. 84 December, 2001/January, 2002. The expanded
EVIC -111 Rev.6 book documents the design changes and improvements made from 2001 - 2009
and includes full plans for the Mk2 and the Mk4 engines.
Several EVIC engines have been built from these plans.

3 working EVIC Engines at NAMES 2002 in Southgate, MI, USA.

My EVIC-111 Mk2 engine, Bob Heide's engine and my original EVIC-111 Mk1 engine.

Engineering Students - Need help with your camless engine project?
I am currently advising students in several countries on valve control projects.
You will find my book and Student Guide CD are excellent resources. I will answer all your questions.
E-mail your questions to me. See About/contact the Designer.

Development Updates :
Update #2 Aug. 2000 Top Speed Reaches 7000 RPM and a New PCB
Update #3 Dec. 2000 New Micro, Improved Software and an EVIC Book
Update #4 Jan. 2001 Expanded Book & Experiments with a Pseudo Atkinson Cycle
Update #5 Feb. 2001 Speed & Power Control Without Throttling
Update #6 Apr. 2001 Moving to Peterborough & The "Electronic Throttle"
Update #8 May 2001 First Generation "Electronic Throttle" demonstrated at NAMES
Update #7, announcing a change in E-mail address, has been omitted.

Update #9 Jul. 2001 A Second EVIC Engine & Vapor Lock Problem Solved
Update #10 Oct. 2001 "Electronic Throttle" Speed Range of 1400 to 7000+ RPM
Update #11 Dec. 2001 New Valve Assemblies Raise Top Speed to Over 9400 RPM
Update #12 Mar. 2002 Improved Head Design Raises Top Speed to Over 10,000 RPM
Update #13 Apr. 2002 2nd EVIC Engine Running with a Top Speed to Over 10,000 RPM
Update #14 July 2002 A 4th EVIC Engine & My 2nd EVIC Powers a 52 Inch Deep V Model Boat
Update #15 Oct. 2002 Photos of Walt's EVIC & Improved Performance - 12,500 RPM!
Update #16 Dec. 2002 Updated Electronics and an EVIC Twin
Update #17 April/May 2003 The EVIC Twin Comes to Life
Update #18 October 2003 The summer of 2003; EVIC Twin update, Electronic Fuel Metering
Update #19 March 2004 The McQueen EVIC, a successful student project, eddy current reduction.

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EVIC Builders Group on Yahoo: - http://groups.yahoo.com/group/EVIC-111/

EVIC Videos on U-Tube: ---- EVIC Mk2 Video ------- EVIC Twin Video

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